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Why Auctions Work!!

Thinking about an Auction? Here are some reasons why the Auction method of selling has stood the test of time and is a great way to market all types of real and personal property.


 Auction marketing provides very distinct and attractive advantages. With an auction, you choose the date that your property will sell and you immediately create a seller’s marketplace. The competition among bidders enhances the price at which your property will sell, which is a key advantage of an auction sale.


An auction is highly effective even in a hot real estate market because it eliminates guessing by potential buyers about how much to offer and negotiates a price upward. Offers are direct and open, buyers are able to see all other offers and make their bid accordingly. As a seller, there’s no more wondering about whether you left money on the table, like with the traditional sales process in which the buyers are playing a guessing game with their offers.


You can achieve a true market value for your property and you’ll benefit from the speed of the sales process, too. The marketing of your real estate is direct and enhanced, the date of the sale is known and only qualified bidders are allowed to make offers. The sale is “AS- IS” with no inspection contingencies and is not contingent on a buyer’s ability to get financing.  You will get paid sooner as closings are scheduled rapidly, typically within 30 days and often earlier.


With our online bidding option, you’ll also gain the benefit of attention and potential bids from buyers far beyond your immediate locale. Buyers located virtually anywhere can see your property for sale and make a bid!

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