Auctions are a time honored method of bringing buyers and sellers together.  An auction is the only way to realize true market value of your assets.  Everyone has an equal opportunity to make a purchase.  Buyers can actually determine the final price and value of the item or items they are purchasing.  They get exactly what they want, at a cost slightly higher than someone else was willing to pay.

Types of Auctions:

Live Auctions

Online Auctions

Simulcast Auctions (Hybrid of Live and Online)

Residential - We will work diligently to make the process as easy as it should be. On site or online we have the resources to get your property seen by more.  We will put together a package leaving no questions unanswered and leaving you wondering why you never used the auction method.  We have proven methods to sell/market residential properties, including investment or income producing homes, settlements of estates, divorces, bankruptcies, etc.  We can even effectively sell your personal residence. 

Commercial - Whether you are selling your first business location or wanting to free up assets for other investments we have the solutions you need.  With access to numerous buyers, developers and agents all over the world we will find the right buyer for you.  Using the auction method for your commercial needs give you an edge when it comes to timing by freeing up assets so you make purchases as the market around us changes.  

Agricultural - Whether industrial size farm acreage to small hobby and horse farms we will provide the solutions you need.  We can also assist in liquidating equipment and livestock.   


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